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We are a foreigh-Chinese venturing enterprise,founded in 1975.And our factory was founded in 1984.Our registered capital is as much as HKD twenty million nine hundred and sixty thousand.Our plant size exceeds 8000 square feet.Fixed capital is around HKD twenty million.Our management team is constituted by technicians,who are all post-graduates,and we have 400 employees in total.

What we specialize in includes:electro-planting accessories,buttons and buckles,alloy and plastic accessories for fashion,luggage,gifts and shoes ect.We are actually a well-established professional manufactory with comprehensive facilities and sound management team.

Our technical expertise enables us to proceed from design to manufacturing. Services include:computer sketching,mould opening,injecting,polishing,electroplating,oil-coating and plastic dripping ect.We complete all steps on our own.Weguarantee good craftsman,on-time delivery and caring services.

With 20-year development,we improve a lot in production technology.Quality becomes the recognizable symbols for us among our clients all over the world.

Last but not least,customers come first is our principle.Providing quality products in the most effective and efficient way is our prime concern.We always offer you with quality and latest products and caring service.

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